Monday, February 21, 2011


Is it just me, or does it seem like the older you get, the less your birthday matters?  Or is it that our birthdays are just fine, but we just get more negative?  I'm not sure which one it is!  I guess part of me, deep down inside, still anticipates the fun, pink birthday parties.  I still get excited about cupcakes, candles, sparkles, balloons, Barbies...well, maybe not Barbies...but special gifts that have been picked out especially for you. I am not afraid to admit that I love having a day that is all about ME!  Do I set my hopes too high?  I'm not sure.  I want to know what other people think.
I remember getting surprise after surprise from my mom when I was little.  She made me feel like I was the only person in the world on my birthday.  I never got huge fancy gifts, but I got special gifts.  Once I got a plain clock to hang on my bedroom wall.  You might think that sounds pretty sucky, but it wasn't!  I had mentioned to my mom that I wanted to know what time it was in my bedroom, and she remembered that I said that and went out and bought me a special clock:)  This year I got a beautiful silver necklace in the mail.  She told me that she spent the whole day out shopping, looking for the perfect necklace for me.  She said that when she saw this one, a beautiful simple necklace with one little heart inside a bigger heart, she knew that it was the perfect one for me.  Not only is it beautiful, but it reminded her of me.  That means a lot to me.
I guess my mom kind of spoiled me on my birthday growing up.  I have high expectations because she set the bar high!  I love how she pays attention to the things that I like, no matter how simple and small they are (like a clock), and comes up with a really neat gift idea for me.
Oh, how I love my mom!  And oh, how I miss her on my birthday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Appalachian Lullaby

I am overwhelmed with love right now. My heart is exploding! Let me share...
My nightly routine with Sara goes like this: I nurse Sara, and then put her to bed. Most nights she is so tired that she falls asleep in my arms before I even get her to her crib. For the past few nights I have been playing this new CD of lullabies that she got from her aunt Diane for Christmas. It has the most precious songs on it, and I find myself in tears by the time I put Sara to bed. I wanted to share the lyrics of my favorite song that makes me cry every night! :)

Appalachian Lullaby

Well I love my baby
Sweet and fair
You've got the sky in your eyes
The sun in your hair
I rock you to sleep most every night
While I hold you tight

Sleep my baby
The angels keep you from harm
And your Father above
Cradles you in His love
Safe and warm
Sleep my baby
Nestled in your mama's arms
Sleep my baby
The angels keep you from harm

My baby
You'll be sleepin' soon
Kissed by the golden stars and moon
I have just one wish for you
May your every dream come true

Are you crying yet? I am! You can probably guess the line that gets me every time is, "nestled in your mama's arms". This song is just a special reminder of how blessed I am. I cherish the moments I have with my Sara, especially when I get to watch her fall asleep. She is sweet, beautiful, funny, cute, I could go on forever. She is a gift from God and I thank Him for her every day. I love being Sara's mom. That is why my heart is exploding with love :)