Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Paxton Project

Hey readers.  I have something heavy on my heart tonight and I need to share.  I need you to read, and I pray that it weighs heavy on your heart too.

I want to share with you about a couple I know from Orlando, FL.  Their names are Andy and Rachel Miller and they are missionaries with Youth With A Mission.  This is a very special couple, and let me tell you why.  They have chosen to adopt children from countries where children are sold to prostitution, they are orphaned and are used to make money.  They have a 5 year old son named Tysen from Seoul Korea, and are now in the process of raising money to adopt a precious little girl from South Korea named Paxton.  Let me share their reason behind wanting to adopt, that was written by Rachel:

behind the cause... 

when i was 18, i had the privilage of going on a 2 month outreach to India w/ Youth With A Mission. I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. The thing I remember the most is the 30 hour train ride. This was NOT Amtrak. It was hot. It smelled. And there were eunuchs sitting across from me the whole trip. It was a little exciting and yet a little scary all at the same time. At one of the stops, a little boy came crawling through the train begging fro money. He was missing limbs off of his body. It was terrible and it was the first time I had ever seen anything like that. I tried to give the little boy some food, but he resisted. Later our host told us that there are people, sort of like pimps, who take in orphaned children and cut off the limbs so that when they send them out to beg, people will feel sorry for them and will then give them money. The child will in return, take all the money back to their "pimp." I had never heard anything so sick. I knew that I wanted to adopt kids from that moment on. I can not stand the fact of children growing up on the streets being sold into the sex trafficking industry, among many other horrible things. Our heart for adoption is huge. I have been asked many time, "Can you not have your own children?" My answer is, "I don't know." I went through a miscarriage in the Fall of 2010. It was sad and my heart still aches when I think about it. If I were to get pregnant, of course I would be excited. But none the less, it would not change my heart for adoption. There is something inside of me that knows this is bigger than me. I know God is with me and that he will provide. I hope to someday help others to adopt; to give; to be A VOICE on behalf of kids are are screaming, but are not being heard. This my friends excites me. And this is why I choose to adopt.  

I have been following Rachel's blog, and you should too! It's, and I hope that you take a minute to check it out.  They post updates on the process of adopting Paxton, and also on how much money is still needed.  It is super easy to give too!  There is a "donate" button you can click, and is super easy to use if you have PayPal or a credit card.  Any little amount would make a difference.  If you think about how many people are on facebook, and how easy it would be for every one of those people to share the link, and give even just $5, it could add up to a lot.  It doesn't take much to help these guys out.

My prayer is that God will provide the funds to bring Paxton home from South Korea.  I pray that this touches many hearts, and that many will be called to give to this family.

If you follow this link, there is a video from 5 years ago of Tysen's arrival into the U.S.  It is absolutely precious and is totally worth watching!

P.S. If you have a minute, please check out their pictures on their blog.  They bring me to tears every time :)

Anyways, thanks for reading.  I hope this touches your heart, and I hope you keep this family in your prayers.  They are seeking direction from the Lord and praying for a miracle.  I hope that you feel called to give what you can...we can do this together!!!!!


  1. God will provide. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Praying for the Miller Family, The Paxton Project, and for more(like Rachel and you, Marcy) to See the world through God's eyes, Seek and Follow His Will. Bless you for sharing...><> ♥

  3. Wow… just watched the video of when they picked up their son from the airport! precious!!!!! <3 tears

  4. isn't it just sooooo precious?!?!