Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So Johnny and I are starting a new money-saving adventure!  Exciting, I know.  Johnny discovered this new show on TLC called 'Extreme Couponing'.  Its about people who spend way too much of their time clipping coupons, and keeping their eye open for sales.  The key is to wait for sales on certain items, and then collect manufacturers coupons for those items, and use both of the discounts at the same time.  The episode I watched had a woman with a $1200 grocery bill, and after using her coupons she ended up paying only $60!!!  That is crazy!!!  But she had like 100 sticks of deodorant and like 500 chocolate bars or something stupid like that.  These people stock their houses like grocery stores...its nuts.
So anyway, after watching this show, Johnny was motivated to clip coupons and watch for sales.  I'm all about saving money...but I don't want to go overboard with this!  I have a life, ya know!  The people on this show treat couponing like their full time job!
So today was our first grocery shopping trip with our newly clipped coupons.  Our grocery bill was $92.54, and we saved $23.15.  Not bad for our first try!
The funniest part of tonight was trying to keep a straight face when Johnny went over the game plan before entering the grocery store.  I can honestly say that I don't now anyone like Johnny.  He always makes me laugh and never ceases to amaze me with the new things he comes up with every day.  And Sara sure was a trooper today!  She is sick, but she sat quietly and patiently in the cart as me and Johnny and I shopped.  What a great baby!!!
I love spending time with my family, even when its as simple as a grocery shopping trip all together!


  1. Love the whole couponing approach. Mark and I have always been coupon clippers not to an extreme but I love getting deals. Who wouldn't?