Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Model for a day

So my cousin Darby is a hairstylist.  She asked me if I could be a model for her for this competition thing that her salon is entering.  Of course I said yes, it sounded super fun!
There were three models there.  Each one of us had a completely different look.  I was the Nicole Kidman Hollywood one, then there was a crazy colorful rainbow one, and a blonde Madonna looking one with feathers all in her hair.  As I sat there with Darby coloring my hair, and another hairstylist on the other side of my head helping her, I thought to myself, "this must be what celebrities feel like!".
We spent a few hours getting ready, which for me included dying my hair orange and red and yellow, and getting my make-up done (with fake eyelashes and all!).  After that we all dressed up in black and white outfits.  I wore fishnet stockings, a black sparkly skirt, black tank top, giant heels (which I couldn't stand in, let alone walk around in! I found myself swaying a lot...), and a big white fur coat.  I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize who was starting back at me!
Once we were all dressed up and ready to go, we started taking pictures.  There was a professional photographer and everything!  All I really did was just sit in the positions that they wanted me to, and look at whatever they were telling me to look at, without smiling.
It was a really fun day.  Darby did a fantastic job, and it was fun getting to hang out with her all day.  I can't wait to see some of the professional pictures, it seems like all of them are going to look REALLY cool!!!
Here are some of the pics that were taken on my phone, on the day I was a model!

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