Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tante Sara

My great aunt Sara, who I called 'Tante Sara' was a huge part of my life. I used to go to her house every Wednesday when I was younger. She made me mashed potatoes, steamed veggies (lima beans were my favorite) and scrambled eggs. As I got older I got to cook my own eggs and eventually graduated to sunny side up. We played hide and go seek (I always knew where she was hiding; behind a door), listened to records, read the bible, and did a whole lot of sewing, knitting and crocheting. She taught me about Jesus, how to be respectful and how to love others. She called me her little sister, even though she was about 60 years older than me. She was so proud of me.
As I got older I didn't have as much time to go and hang out with her. Our visits became less frequent. I would still go and visit and call her sometimes...but now that she's gone I wish that I would have made it a priority. So anyways, at night I would think of her and pray for her. I missed her, and so I would ask God if He could tell her "hello" for me, that I loved her and I was thinking of her. The next time I saw her I told her that I prayed for her, and asked God to tell her I was thinking of her and I loved her. She told me that she knew that, she could feel my prayers. God did what I asked Him to!
Now my precious tante Sara is in Heaven, and I miss her with all my heart. I was so overwhelmed the day my little baby was born, because I had her name picked out since I was a little girl...Sara. I just couldn't believe that I was a mom, and I had a little girl, and that my great aunt wasn't there to meet her. I would have given anything to have her hold little Sara. I remember laying in my hospital bed, and on the wall was a white board that had written on it, "Welcome to the world, Sara!!!" I cried every time I looked at it, because I remembered just a few years before, my great aunt laying in a similar bed breathing her last breath. I had to say "goodbye" to my tante Sara. 
Well the other night I had a dream. I was sitting there with tante Sara, catching up on the last five years of our lives. She had been in heaven, and I had been here. I got to a point in the conversation where I realized that I had a baby. So I asked her (in german) if she wanted to meet her. Of course she was so excited and couldn't wait to see her. So I brought my little daughter over to my great aunt, and I got to sit there and watch them laugh together and play together, and love eachother. I believe that God gave me this dream, just like He gave my tante Sara those "hello's" in my prayers years before. Maybe tante Sara asked Him to give me this dream, so that I could see both my precious Sara's together.

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  1. KUTCHA moment!!!! So good! :( Wish I could have met her too! One day I will though! :) What a special lady!!! Sara will be proud to be named after her when she's old enough to understand! Very special!